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Monica D'Atti e Franco Cinti
Via Francigena. Cartography and GPS
The complete and detailed mapping of the Via Francigena (as described in Guida alla Via Francigena by Monica D'Atti e Franco Cinti). 38 legs, 900 kilometres on foot, from Montgenèvre to Rome. English edition.
ISBN: 978-88-6189-254-5

Traduzione: Catherine Bolton


The complete and detailed mapping of the Via Francigena. The main itinerary and alternative routes, illustrating 38 legs - totalling 900 kilometres on foot - from Montgenèvre to Rome along the historical route through Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia, Tuscany and Lazio: maps and all the information you need to find your bearings. From the authors of the Guida alla Via Francigena.



➜ 3 large colour maps
➜ Divided into legs that can easily be separated by tearing along the dotted line
➜ 42 detailed maps on a 1:30,000 scale
➜ Elevations
➜ Complete GPS data



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